February 2015 -  Carmel Pine Cone covers Carmel Mission Restoration



January 2015 -  CSUMB Alumni website cover the Mission Restoration documentary


December 2014 -  New Trailer for Repatriation.







June 26th -  The Monterey County Weekly published my photo in this week's issue.

The photo was taken with work on behalf of the Carmel Mission Foundation.



June 20th -  Completed photography and documentary filming Carmel

Mission Basilica Retrofit for the Carmel Mission Foundation.


April 11th -  Completed Principal Photography on Repatriation.


December 1st - Prairie Love makes it way from the Sundance Film Festival to DVD and Netflix

Doug's Credits include: Production Design, Storyboards, Producer


Buy Prairie Love online


Watch Prairie Love on Netflix



October 11th - This has never posted in my news feed- here's a short documentary

filmed at the site of JFK's assassination in Dallas, TX



September 14th - '4 Phone, 3 Phone, 2 Phone, 1', shot on a cell phone, earned an honorable mention at the

inaugural Cell Phone Film Festival presented by Oracle Productions Chicago, IL





September 6th - Carmel Mission Foundation, made mention of Mueller

in their seasonal periodical 'Cornerstone' (opens as PDF) as part of his participation in

documenting the current restoration and preservation of the Carmel Mission






August 7th - Shooting began for the Carmel Mission Foundation,

documenting the current restoration and preservation of the Carmel Mission






April 19th - Prairie Love will be screening at the Osio Cinema

as part of a fundraiser for the Monterey Film Society.


Reception begins at 5:30 followed by 7:00pm Screening on Thursday, May 3rd

 Tickets available here.


Mueller will be at the screening for a Q&A


See Trailer Below





February 5th - Directed commercial for Lou Lou's Griddle in the Middle







January 15th - The complete, experimental essay,  Intermezzo Number 1  is online to watch


Previously screened at

Nashville Film Festival 2010

Ozark Foothills Filmfest 2011






January 2nd  Four Corners, has been selected to screen at the

2012 Ozark Foothills FilmFest

March 28-April 1, 2012


The best film festival in a small town"

- Arkansas Times



January 1st  Dan, Tom and Ray, is available on DVD

August 29th  Four Corners, the award winning short film, is available on DVD


Four Corners

DVD Price: $10.00
Add to Cart

Dan, Tom and Ray

DVD Price: $9.99
Add to Cart




July - Intermezzo Number 1  subject, Carey Beebe, is profiled in

the Monterey Biking blog by Mari Lynch





June 29th   Prairie Love, co-produced by Douglas Mueller

has been acquired by  Film Movement for North American distribution






Saturday May 7th - Dan, Tom and Ray  Can now be seen in full online.


It was previously seen at:

Landlocked Film Festival  Iowa City, Iowa August 2009

San Diego International Children's Film Festival August 2008 and

San Francisco Bay Area International Children's Film Festival February 2008






May 6th   Prairie Love  screens at Santa Cruz Film Festival

(Darren Leis, Dusty Bias, Bob, Jeremy Clark, Douglas Mueller- in attendence)




February 19th Video Contest Winner- Produced with my partner Malinda DeRouen featuring our son, Leonard;

'Titanium Baby' won $500 for the Mahito Shirako Scholarship Fund, and $500 for our family


Titanium Baby has been selected to screen at the

San Francisco International Children's Film Festival






February 15th Spec Commercial by The Truth Director, Ryan Barton-Grimley

Production Design by Douglas Mueller







January 6th Press coverage has been updated to About Page




December 2nd Prairie Love  has been accepted to the

Sundance Film Festival







August 10th - The Truth with Production Design by Douglas Mueller

is now available on  iTunesAmazon VOD,

Warner Bros Studio Store

and Netflix

Open Netflix in new window      Open The Truth website in new window





May 24th - Photo was runner up in local photo contest





May 21st - Space Shuttle Launch Documentary has a new web page.







May 9th - Intermezzo Number 1 has been selected to screen at the

2011 Ozark Foothills Film Festival








February 16th  - Intermezzo Number 1  an experimental essay, will have its world

premier at the Nashville Film Festival


Intermezzo1  Preview